Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Fly-tying gear

FRITZ specialist Dave Downie has produced a new range forthis season. Allthe materials have been dyed exceptionally well and are available in colours that are proven fishcatchers up and down the country. I’ve used Dave’s original15mm translucent F-Up Fritz for years because of its quality and I’m sure this excellent new Fritz collection, hot out ofthe dyeing tub, will be as successful.

Razor and UV Razor Fritz £3

Razor Fritz is a 15mm material with a fine core and a combination of pearl and gold strands, while the UV version (picture 2) has added ultra violet strands. There are 10 colours to choose from: yellow peril, green glow yellow, cat green, sunburst, sunburst orange, fire orange, bubble gum pink, pimp pink, damsel olive and black velvet.

Even though this material is lovely and soft and easy to work with, it has a slightly wiry feel to it because of the added tinsel fibres. But it still lays back really well whether you are tying in touching or open turns. A Fritz to really bring a pattern to life.

16mm Triple-D F-Up Fritz £3 

This product came about after Dave’s customers asked for a bigger, bolder Fritz. So he produced the 16mm Triple-D which is double the density and slightly longer than his standard 15mm translucent Fritz. If you are tying a good sized fat Blob this is the material to use. It comes in springwater blue, yellow peril, green glow yellow, sunburst, candy coral, fire orange, flame red, pimp pink, damsel olive and black velvet.

The colours are incredibly bright and even though this is 16mm with a lot more fibres coming off the core it is still really easy to work with. It is very soft and as you tie in each turn the fibres just fold back. An ideal Fritz to use when you need a bigger and brighter attractor pattern to pull the fish in.

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